The Importance of AI and Privacy amid COVID-19

Artificial intelligence and Data have become an integral part of Fintech and other industries to provide exponential customer value and optimize experiences across multiple channels. However with data and AI come the risks of privacy breaches and unfair unethical usage for commercial purposes.

With the rise of COVID, governments, public health companies and other organizations are leveraging personal data to detect, monitor and prevent the spread of infections across the world. However is the use of AI ethical and conscious during this pandemic? Did we anonymize data, limit the collection of personal information, maintain individual’s right to privacy and eliminate biases from the equation?

How can we create products and services that strike the right balance between providing immense customer value while maintaining individual right to freedom and privacy? This talk will focus on managing risks and creating customers experiences that leverage AI and data for the public good, both in fintech and beyond.

Swapna Malekar

Product Lead, RBC

Swapna is a Senior Product Manager at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), leading the innovation stream to create products and digital solutions using lean methodologies.

Prior to RBC, Swapna was the Head of Product at a UK-based SaaS Data intelligence company, Klood, that provided insights to enterprise clients through artificial intelligence.

Whilst in Singapore, Swapna was responsible for driving the Ecommerce growth for the Asian and European regions for the world’s largest publishing company, Scholastic as their Product Manager.

She started her career with Accenture, and is a technology buff. Her current passion is finding innovative usecases for blockchain and AI in the fintech/banking domain. You can follow her on:
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