Business Driven Risk Management in a Digital World

In today’s complex and digital environment business leaders and CEO’s are required to anticipate and proactively mitigate risks before they occur. Yet the ever-increasing business essential Digital Transformation projects have tempted many organizations to circumvent their GRC/IRM program and rush into projects without a clear picture of the new risks they are taking on, or without the controls needed to manage those risks. Business leaders and CEOs can set their companies up for sustained growth and the benefits of Digital Transformation while keeping risk in check by quantifying the risk and prioritizing investments via business-driven decisions. Organizations that maintain a strong Integrated risk program for managing non-financial and compliance risk, whilst having the ability to present those business-driven dashboards and KPI reports to all stake holders will achieve desired outcomes promised by digital transformation.

Sponsored by: Iceberg

Ken McPherson

Chief Executive Officer and President, Iceberg Networks Corporation

Ken McPherson has been at the helm of Iceberg Networks Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and President since April 2014.  Bringing more than 25 years of demonstrated experience in the information technology sector Ken focuses on expanding Iceberg’s business across North America and effectively establishing them as an industry leader in delivering GRC programs, including Cyber Risk, Operational Risk and Vendor Risk solutions. Ken has helped many Fortune 500 organizations develop a better understanding of their risk posture, enabling them to make more informed business decisions to mitigate and protect their organizations. Ken is often invited to meet fellow Chief Executives of both US and Canadian companies that are looking solve key board issues – to gain a more accurate and aggregated understanding of the organization’s non-financial risks. Ken’s recently published e-book on Managing Digital Risk can be found here: Digital Risk eBook.


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