Board and Committee Reporting - An Art not a Science

Effective Board and Senior Management reporting is critical to ensuring your meetings are effective and you are leveraging the expertise the participants bring to the discussion. It is more of an “Art” than a “Science”. 

This session will provide an focus on three key reporting principles: 1) Knowing your audience, 2) Effective Reporting and 3) Overcoming Reporting Challenges and will include a discussion of best practices that could be applied to any institution.

Anne Furlong

Senior Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance, U.S. Bancorp

Furlong currently manages the Enterprise Risk Management team at U.S. Bank which is responsible for the Company’s Risk Management Framework, Risk Appetite Statements, Policy Management, Risk Identification and Board reporting. She has over 25 years of banking experience, all at U.S. Bank, and has held a variety of leadership roles in Risk Management, Finance and Acquisition Integration.


Breakout Session
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